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About Us

Welcome to Healing With Hooves

Healing with Hooves is designed as an inclusive, client-informed, group-paced option for participants struggling to find an alternative option for improving mental and physical wellbeing.​


Our Story

Born from a deep passion to share the healing effects of both Equine and Arts Therapies, this program aims to provide a framework that embraces the diverse nature of participants in a nurturing, slow-paced, permissive environment.


Each modality has been proven to support healing and wellbeing in individuals & groups, including those experiencing psychosocial, physical and mental illnesses. The intuitive combination of the two, offers a new way of exploring and integrating life’s experiences, putting ’Healing With Hooves’ at the forefront of the therapeutic industry.


Both facilitators have witnessed this combination improve self-worth, build capacity and self-regulation skills in private settings, and believe a group option will encourage clients to process emotions, share struggles, and overcome difficulties via presence, connection and reflection, to improve feelings of belonging in the community.

Meet the Team

We strive to curate groups & spaces where people can offer support for one another, be accepted for showing up ‘as they are’ and given space to explore ideas, learnings, emotions and triggers in ways that are not often accommodated for in society.

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